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Concentrated Language Encounter in Nepal: Part 1

Following a visit to Nepal by a member of the Literacy Rotarian Action Group a seminar was held in Damauli in central Nepal. The objective of the seminar was to locate the functional genres used in the Nepalese Government's school syllabus from Class V to Class X. The seminar also completed a text analysis of each of the genres in the syllabus that was published subsequently for teachers’ use in this area of Nepal. Because English teaching is very challenging in Nepal the teachers will find this analysis a useful reference guide. Approximately 50 people attended the seminar. The participants included school headmasters, Education Department officials, curriculum consultants, lecturers and associate professors. The participants came from Damauli, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Pokhara. Rotarian Shiv Kumar Singh a lecturer and school principal led the seminar.

CLE Nepal
Shiv Kumar Singh introduces the seminar.
CLE Nepal
Participants listen to the characteristics of the different genres.


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