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Computer-Assisted Literacy Solution

The Computer-Assisted Literacy Solution (CALS) is a program that helps children and adults with varying skill levels build fluency in the foundation skills of reading and math. Individualized training streams and a focus on motivational principles improves self-esteem and confidence to deliver impressive results. The program can be accessed anywhere using a computer with high speed/broadband access to the internet.

Where broadband-connected computers are available, we would recommend that clubs and districts consider using CALS as an opportunity to help individuals in their communities through literacy improvement.

CALS is:

  • A computer based program which teaches foundation skills for reading.
  • A method whereby children or adults who cant read can be given individualized help.
  • A self paced teaching program which teaches, assesses and motivates the student. A supportive mentor for each student can also play a role.
  • A program that was field tested before being adopted by the RI Literacy Resource Group.

CALS can:

  • Take a student or adult who cant read due to failures to master the basic foundation skills for reading and enable that person to acquire those skills.
  • Enable a child who has fallen behind by a grade level or more to catch up.
  • Enable a dyslexic child to overcome the first and most basic barrier to reading.

CALS can be used:

  • In a school setting.
  • In a public library.
  • In an adult literacy program.
  • In a program offered by any community group such as the Boys and Girls Club, a local church, the Salvation Army, or the YMCA.
  • In a jail, prison or juvenile detention facility.

For more information please visit CALS Website at

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