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With 1.2 million members in more than 34,000 clubs worldwide, Rotary International is dedicated to volunteerism, high ethical standards and goodwill. Rotarians are improving lives in communities around the world everyday through thousands of service projects covering various areas of need. Many of these projects have links to literacy education. We’ve always believed that literacy is one basic foundation to enhance the capacity of communities around the world to thrive. 

Therefore, in 2011 Rotary International approved the official establishment of the Literacy Rotarian Action Group (“LitRAG”) to be a working group that increases the awareness of Rotary Clubs and Rotarians, in finding and forming a truly sustainable contribution to basic education and literacy.

We are here to help clubs and districts in their work in basic education and literacy by offering a researched, proven and sustainable approach to enhancing literacy teaching and learning.

We invite all Rotary affiliation as listed below to become LitRAG Members and so help to create and sustain a network that we believe will enable literacy education to grow globally.

List of Qualified LitRAG's Applicant

-  Member -  Spouse
-  Interact -  Rotaract
-  RYLA -  Rotary Youth Exchange
-  Rotary Peace Fellowships -  Global Grant Scholarships
-  Vocational Training Teams -  District Grant Scholarships
-  New Generations Service Exchange  


Rotary Foundation awards to individuals in former TRF programs, such as;

-  Ambassadorial Scholarships -  Grants for University Teachers
-  Group Study Exchange -  Rotary Volunteer

Membership fees are USD 25 per year or USD 100 for 5 years. As a LitRAG member, you have a full access to this website including forum, in-depth research articles, and documents related to literacy for no additional cost.

Benefits of LitRAG Membership

LitRAG Member
Access to forum discussion
Downloadable research and documents related to literacy
Submission of your literacy project
Find a sustainable project to support
Membership Fee
USD 25 per year
USD 100 for 5-year membership

Please note:
 All contributions and/or membership enrolments are completely voluntary. However, should you at any time decide to cancel or resign from your membership, we regret we will be unable to give a refund.


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